Resources For Educators – Train the Trainer

Train the Trainer is Drone Tech’s innovative training program to help teachers prepare for educating about Drones in the classroom and how to use them in their curriculum. Train the Trainer covers how to code drones using drone blocks, scratch, and python.

We offer two options for educators. The first, and most popular, is a hands on, in-person training session with our team and your educators. Our team comes to your facility and spends 2-3 days working with educators and teaches them what they need to know to get the program started. We also will spend this time working with your school or program on the best way to implement drones into the curriculum, develop teaching plans, and more. This lets you be in control and custom tailor the program to your school’s needs.

The second option is a self paced learning curriculum for teachers where they access online web modules. This is a great resource for schools that don’t have the time or resources for the in-person class but still want to add drones to the curriculum.

Drone Tech UAS also offers consultation and advice on how to start after school programs, drone racing teams, and more! Contact us today to start the conversation about how to include Drone’s into your program!